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Quick Fact: Mark Zuckerberg logs in to facebook around 3-4 times a week.

Facebook, Instagram is all about camouflaging what a person wants to be rather than what a person really is. It is all about how people want their lives to look like to others. Facebook is addictive. Research says due to excessive engagement to facebook, our mind releases a chemical called dopamine which makes us feel good when our post hits a 100 likes or If we get a message and so on. Dopamine is the exact chemical which makes us feel good when we smoke or when we gamble. In fact Facebook, Instagram spend millions of dollars to make it more addictive. Workers who helped make technology so addictive are disconnecting themselves from the internet. We are spending exponentially more time on these social medias compared to their developers. So, there is a point to think.

On the contrary, on Quora people are who they really are. They can go anonymous, reveal their secrets or they can ask the stupidest questions’ . They will all get an answer or an opinion or even an abuse. People come up with an idea that Elon Musk is the god who is here to save the world or how Edison was a fraud. They all will have a valid basis for their idea and make a good arguement. Unlike facebook, quora does not obsecrate its user to keep on using it. Quora is addictive only until the mind wants. These might be the reasons why more and more people are turning in to Quora everyday to share their knowledge, give their opinions and to ask really stupid questions.

Human behaviors saturate over time. So we have to slowly realize that we don’t have to tag our friends on meme to prove our friendship. We have to realize that there can be lot to look up in the internet rather than stalking a hot girl on instagram. We have to learn to utilize our time elsewhere rather than consuming our time on facebook. We have to realise that facebook and instagram are fooling us and slowly shift to a best alternative social media quora.

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